Curated Candle Co.

Spark creativity with deliciously scented and decadently designed candles.
Inspired by Art Movements that helped shape history and the artists who defined them.

Help us spread the power of art and creativity through scent. With every purchase, we donate art and design books to local school students.

Curated Candle Co seeks to spread the joy and power of art through deliciously scented candles. Like art, scent has the power to inspire, to spark creativity, and to evoke memories and emotions. Each label of our soy-based candles is an homage to an art movement, inspired by the legendary artists who defined them. With every purchase of our candles, we will donate Caldecott books to local elementary schools or fine art and design books to secondary education students. We believe that discovering and exploring art at a young age can inspire students to create for themselves, as well as to see the possibilities of careers in art and design.